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Case Study:

Akonadi (Brand Design)




Oakland, California (2020)

Project Description

In collaboration with the Akonadi Foundation based in Oakland, California, my responsibilities included a comprehensive brand design identity refresh. This initiative was prompted by the foundation’s 20th-anniversary celebrations and the launch of a new 5-year strategy. The goal was to maintain a visual connection with their existing brand while giving it a modern, cutting-edge, and vibrant makeover. This refreshed identity was designed to convey seriousness and appeal to contemporary audiences, primarily CEOs of foundations and founders, with grantees as the secondary audience.

To achieve this, I proposed refreshing and extending the existing color palette, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of Oakland, its communities, arts, culture, and healing. This approach aligned with the foundation’s mission for justice and was influenced by the colorful street art of Oakland. The outcome was a visually impactful brand refresh that effectively communicated Akonadi’s commitment to equity and justice, empowering them to inspire change and advance their mission with renewed vigor.


Brand Design

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