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Case Study:

Berlin Eco Farm (Art Direction)

Berlin Eco Farm – Art Direction for Hostel


Berlin Ecofarm + Hostel


Manabi, Ecuador (2015)

Project Description

In my collaboration with Berlin Ecofarm + Hostel (a sustainable haven in Manabi, Ecuador), I worked on various projects including:

  • Content Creation: I crafted engaging content highlighting their eco-friendly practices and inviting travelers to experience sustainable living.
  • Web Design: Utilizing wireframes, I designed a user-friendly website mirroring the hostel’s eco-conscious ethos, acting as a digital portal for like-minded travelers.
  • Photography: As an onsite photographer, I captured the eco-farm’s essence and natural beauty, crucial for showcasing Berlin Ecofarm+ Hostel’s unique charm.

Additionally, I lived on a sustainable farm for two-weeks and learned a lot about eco-farming. I helped improve their digital presence to attract more eco-conscious travelers.


UX, Wireframes, Front-end Development, WordPress Design, Social Media Design, Photography

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