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Visual Designer, Web Developer + Entrepreneur

I’m a Visual Designer, WordPress Developer, and Entrepreneur based in the San Francisco, CA. When I’m not developing websites, I enjoy traveling, healthy eating, yoga, reiki, wellness, and self-development. I have lived and worked on various web projects in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Technical Experience

Visual Design

I’m an expert at combining images, colors, fonts, icons, illustrations, layouts, and graphics to improve the usability of products and their aesthetic appeal.

Front-end Development

My strategy is to take a mobile-first approach when designing and developing websites. I have a good eye for design and strong foundation in HTML and CSS.

Wordpress Design

Most websites I have created are developed in WordPress and the reason is simple: CMS. You can easily update content, and I’m an expert at Theme Customization.

User Experience

I create websites that are visually attractive so that people will use it. My primary goal for every project is to focus on how the user will interact with the website.

Branding/ Identity

I’m great at designing elements that portray the right image of your brand. I can create logos and graphics that define how consumers perceive your product.

User Interface

Having the right user interface can make or break a business. Designing a usable mobile or desktop application, is the key component to success.

Since beginning my journey as a Digital Freelancer nearly 10 years ago, I’ve collaborated with corporations, agencies, hostels, travel companies, startups, and entrepreneurs around the world.

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